The primary purpose of the Pharmacists-at-Risk Program is to assist a colleague with his/her problem, and support them in the recovery resolution process.

If you are experiencing difficulty and request assistance, a meeting would be arranged with two members of the Committee and suggestions made as to the appropriate course of action. Also, advice can be given when navigating Complaints and Disciplines with the College. 

Our Vision: A Healthy Pharmacy Profession
Our Mission: To advocate and provide peer support for pharmacists in need
Values: Confidentiality, Respect, Understanding, Trust, Compassion and Honesty

A variety of personal problems can adversely impact the work performance and the lives of pharmacists, as well as the lives of their family members, co-workers and the public. These problems may include: misuse of prescription or other drugs or alcohol, stress, legal, physical , mental or emotional issues.

All calls/inquiries/cases are kept strictly confidential. We operate independently of all other organizations, including the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba.

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